Virtual Live Production


Virtual Live Events/Virtual YouTuber Specialized Live Production Service

Virtual Live Production is a service that provides video production, technical support for video projection live events using 2D and 3D character models, and support for managing Virtual YouTubers. We offer comprehensive support from providing the necessary technology and expertise for virtual live events, creating materials, setting up stage equipment, to operating video and sound during events.

Additionally, we provide technical support for Virtual YouTubers, including model creation, motion production, video production, and distribution support. Whether you are a company or an individual already active as a Virtual YouTuber or considering entering the field, feel free to consult with us about any difficulties with models, motions, or events.

We have experience holding live events using real-time 3DCG model manipulation from remote locations (Vtuber real-time live festival) and have supported many virtual live events. Based on our extensive experience, we can offer advice not only on technical aspects but also on planning, budgeting, and event progression.

This service is available to corporations as well as individuals and hobbyist groups.
We support the execution and realization of high-quality plans and events regardless of scale.

Sasara & Tsuzumi Autumn ~Harem Stage!~ ©CeVIO (日本語:「ささら&つづみ Autumn ~晴れ舞台!~」©CeVIO)

“Sasara & Tsuzumi Autumn ~Harem Stage!~” Crowdfunding

Service Contents

General Services

  • Video Production
  • Audio and BGM Production
  • 2D/3D Character Model Creation
  • Motion Production for 2D/3D Characters using Motion Capture
  • Real-time Distribution Support for 2D/3D Character Model Videos

Virtual Live Events

  • Stage Setup, Video & Audio Operation
  • Real-time Synchronization Control of 2D/3D Character Model Videos and Audio(
  • Event Management Advice (Planning, Promotion, etc.)
  • Crowdfunding Operation Support
  • Transparent Screen Installation (Projector Rental Available)
  • Band Formation and Musician Arrangement
  • Performer Arrangement (Voice Actors/MC/Motion Actors, etc.)

Utilizes our proprietary real-time synchronization control technology “Voice Interactive CG” for video and audio.

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Pricing Structure

The service fees vary depending on the requested content and support scope.
We also accept partial requests for the above services (e.g., transparent screen + projector rental).

After discussing the detailed content, we will provide an individual estimate.
Please feel free to contact us.

Production works

Production works (Partially list)

Sasara & Tsuzumi Autumn ~Harem Stage!~ Special Revival (日本語: 「ささら&つづみ Autumn ~晴れ舞台!~スペシャルリバイバル」)

Live Announcement Site

Sasara & Tsuzumi Autumn ~Harem Stage!~ Special Revival 3D Live Production/Distribution (日本語: 「ささら&つづみ Autumn ~晴れ舞台!~」3Dライブ制作/配信)

Crowdfunding Page

CeVIO Project Official Live Announcement Page

Sasara & Tsuzumi Winter ~1st duet~ 3D Live Production/Distribution (日本語:「ささら&つづみ Winter ~1st duet~」3Dライブ制作/配信)

Crowdfunding Report Page

CeVIO Project Official Live Announcement Page

EGOIST LIVE 2023 3D Part Production (Real-time Motion Capture) (日本語:「EGOIST LIVE 2023」 3Dパート制作(リアルタイムモーションキャプチャー))

【Osaka Performance】
EGOIST LIVE 2023 Fleeting Ruby “The Crescendo”0923 OSAKA
Venue: Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Conference Center)
Date: 2023/9/23 (Saturday, Holiday)

【Yokohama Performance】
EGOIST LIVE 2023 Resonant Indigo “Echoes of Everlasting”1009 YOKOHAMA
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
Date: 2023/10/9 (Monday, Holiday)

EGOIST Official X

EGOIST Official site