System Development / Service Planning


System Development / Service Planning Overview

At i-Pairs, we offer a wide range of system development and software contracting services. Our expertise lies particularly in AI and deep learning interface development and IP communication web implementations. We have a wealth of experience delivering these services to major corporations.

Regarding service planning, we excel in designing ISP services and communication infrastructure services, handling everything from planning to operational phases.

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System Development

We handle various system and software contracting developments as listed below.
Feel free to consult us about existing system modifications and maintenance.

Examples of System Development / Software Contracting:

Development-Related Web System Development
Cloud Environment Setup
System Migration Support
Various UI Development
CMS-Related Program Development
Web Service CGI/PHP Development
Voice-Related Development of Machine Learning-Based Voice Noise Reduction Engines
IP-PBX (Asterisk-Based) Related System Development
Web Interface Development for IP Telephony
Voice Communication Service Application Development
Debugging of Automatic Voice Synthesis Engines
API Development for Voice Services
Cloud Environment Setup for Voice Services
Video-Related UI Development for AI/Machine Learning Services
Development of Programs Synchronizing Video, Audio, and Software
Development of Proprietary Control Programs for CG Video
Plugin Development for CG Editing Applications
3DCG Model Feature Modifications
Development of Auto-Debugging Engines for 3DCG Motion
Other Development Examples Development of Attendance System DB
UI Development for E-mail User Management
UI Development for DNS Management Systems
UI Development for Domain Management Systems
Development of Stage Lighting Control Systems

Cost and Delivery Time

Costs and delivery times are estimated for each project.
We propose solutions to meet various needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Service Planning

For communication service providers, we support service planning and operational design related to ISP and communication infrastructure, as well as outsourcing technical support departments. We also provide support for building multilingual support systems.

Examples of Service Support

ISP-Related ISP Business Operation Workflow Design
Network Service Planning
Multilingual Support for Local Communication Services
Localization of Overseas Services
General Sales Planning for ISP Services
Market Research / Competitor Analysis
Communication Infrastructure-Related Telephony Service Planning
IP-PBX (Asterisk) Service Planning
Call Recording Service Planning
Cloud-Related Service Planning
General Sales Planning for Voice Communication Services
Support Operation Management of Technical Support Departments
On-Site Technical Support Staffing
Support for Building Support Call Centers
Multilingual Support for Support Departments
Creation of Various Service Manuals


Service planning is generally ordered through a business outsourcing contract.
We will provide estimates for each project, so please feel free to contact us.

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