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DX Analog Content Production Flow
Metaverse-Compatible Technical Package

黒杜えれん ©JVCケンウッド

What is 『Live Visualization®』

Live Visualization® is a new concept aimed at digitalizing professional techniques used in real environments such as live venues and filming locations, making them available in real-time within virtual worlds like the metaverse. This concept strives to create interactive experiences with two-way communication.

By standardizing the knowledge and language required for both analog and digital technologies as much as possible, professional directors in the real world can leverage their knowledge and experience to create performances in the virtual world, which they might not usually have access to.

Live Visualization® innovatively DXs content production and live event production, breaking down the barriers between analog and digital.

※Live Visualization® is a registered trademark of i-Pairs.

Overview of Live Visualization® Services

Live Visualization® offers a custom-made BtoBtoC service for BtoC business operators, providing a one-stop technical package and operational support to DX analog content production workflows, based on a 3DCG virtual production environment.

By integrating our 3D technologies such as “real-time motion capture” and “virtual lighting systems“, along with our other services like video and music production, we fully support our clients’ XR (cross-reality) business and research projects.

Work 1: “Avataro Sentai Donbrothers” Real-Time Motion Capture (日本語:「暴太郎戦隊ドンブラザーズ」リアルタイムモーションキャプチャー)

© TV Asahi, Toei AG, Toei
Broadcast every Sunday at 9:30 AM nationwide on TV Asahi!

Work 2: KING – Kanaria / Eren Kuroto Cover [VTuber Singing] MV Production (日本語: KING – Kanaria / 黒杜えれん Cover【VTuber 歌ってみた】MV制作)

© JVC Kenwood

Available Services

In this business, we offer the following representative services:

  • Providing 3DCG content in the metaverse
  • 3DCG live performances (compatible with both real and virtual stages)
  • Promotion operations across various media using 3DCG models
  • Real-time motion capture operations for video production
  • Seamless integration of 3DCG characters into live-action video content
  • Motion analysis using motion capture for research purposes
  • Digital archiving of traditional performing arts and historical choreography
  • Virtualization of exhibition events

Additionally, companies aiming to enter the virtual business or metaverse, or customers requiring expertise in 3DCG and virtual technologies for events or research, can combine the necessary services from the list below.

For customers who are unsure of what they need, we will thoroughly listen to your requirements and create an appropriate plan. As all parts of the production are handled in-house by i-Pairs’ experienced staff in each field, progress sharing and information management during production are conducted smoothly. You can entrust us with your project with confidence.

Production Services


  • Character Design
  • Modeling
  • Model Setup
  • Data Conversion (Model/Animation)
  • Motion Capture
  • Hand/Facial Capture
  • Motion Analysis
  • Virtual Studio
  • Animation Design
  • Stage/Background Design
  • Virtual DMX Lighting
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Virtual Camera


  • Audio Recording (Real/Synthetic Voice)
  • Sound Editing


  • Composition/Arrangement
  • Music Production
  • Recording
  • Mastering


  • Video Post-Production
  • SE (Sound Effects) Production
  • MA (Multimedia Authoring)
  • Rendering


  • Upload
  • Real-Time Transmission
  • Archiving

Operational Services


  • Real-Time Motion Capture
  • Camera Tracking
  • Virtual Studio
  • Lighting Planning
  • Virtual DMX Lighting
  • Screen Compositing


  • MC Recording (Live/Recorded Material)
  • Sound Effects
  • Live Mixing


  • Streaming Operation

Production and Direction Services

〇Planning and Production

  • Choreography
  • Structure/Direction
  • Script Production


  • Audition Hosting
  • Dancer/Actor Arrangement
  • Voice Actor/Narrator Arrangement
  • Musician Arrangement


  • Recording Studios
  • Event Venues

Live Visualization® works (Partial List)

Hikidasu Nihongo Activate Your Japanese! VFX + Motion Capture (日本語:「ひきだすにほんご Activate Your Japanese!」VFX+モーションキャプチャー)

© Japan Foundation & NHK Educational

[VTuber Haunted Spot Pilgrimage] Unexpected Ride on a Haunted Taxi!!? The Most Terrifying Report Ever 🙄 [CABmee] Video Production / Filming / VFX / Motion Capture (日本語: 【VTuber心霊スポット巡礼】まさかの心霊タクシー乗車!!?過去一恐ろしいレポート行ってきた🙄【CABmee】映像制作/撮影/VFX/モーションキャプチャー)

【Part 1】

【Part 2】

©JVC Kenwood

Iris 1st 3D LIVE “Irregular Dive in Virtual” VR Live Production (日本語: いれいす1st 3D LIVE『Irregular Dive in バーチャル』VRライブ制作)

© Iris & Victor Entertainment

Fluid Analysis During Ski Jumping Research Motion Capture (Ryoyu Kobayashi) (日本語: 「スキージャンプ時の流体解析」研究モーションキャプチャー(小林陵侑選手))

© Hokusei University, Kobe University, RIKEN

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