i-Base (Virtual Production Studio)

About i-Base

“i-Base” is a Virtual Production Studio located just one minute walk form JR Toyamaguchi exit of Takadanobaba station. Serving as the base for our production department, this studio is where a variety of creative works are brought to life.

i-Base has offers studio rental services to corporations and production companies which are looking to conduct virtual production filming or events using LED vision. The studio can be utilized for various purposes, such as Virtual Production Filming, inertial Motion Capture Recording, mini-events, and seminars.


i-Base is equipped with a “recording studio” for filming and events, as well as an “MA room” and a “work area” for checking and editing recorded data. Our engineers are always on-site during studio use, ensuring immediate support for setup and any unexpected issues, allowing you to use our facilities with peace of mind.

Left: studio overview, Right: LED vision

The recording studio, with an acting area measuring 4 meters in width and 5 meters in depth, is equipped with the latest technology for Virtual Production. At the far end of the studio, there is a high-resolution LED vision (manufactured by LED TOKYO) with a pixel pitch of 1.56mm. Using the Mo-Sys camera tracking system, StarTracker, we can perform “in-camera VFX” filming, which combines 3D CG backgrounds with real subjects in real-time. The floor and walls are configured for green screen use, allowing for chroma key filming that includes the space outside the LED area.

LED vision, with incamera V Examples of in-camera VFX shooting with LED vision and green screen

The recording studio is equipped with an operation booth, providing an environment where the recorded content can be checked and instructions can be given quickly.

Left: Operation Booth Right: MA Room

Example of i-Base usage

In addition to virtual production filming, i-Base can also be used as a studio for inertial motion capture recording. For our Motion Capture Recordings, we use the “Xsens MVN Link,” which allows for recording with the highest quality of inertial motion capture.
-> For more information about our motion capture recording service, click here

Our facilities are also equipped for broadcasting, making it suitable for 3D real-time streaming of Vtubers using motion capture, live viewing using LED vision, seminars, and other events. If you have any ideas or concepts you’d like to explore, please feel free to consult with us.

Detail of i-Base

Studio size:

  • Floor Space: Width 5m x Depth 7.3m
  • Acting Area: Width 4m x Depth 5m
  • Ceiling Height: 2.4m

LED Vision:

  • Width 3.6m x Height 2.02m (expansion planned soon), Pixel Pitch 1.56mm


  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema / Canon EOS C400 (planned installation)


  • Camera Tracking System: Mo-Sys StarTracker
  • In-Camera VFX: Unreal Engine 5.3.2 / Pixotope (future support planned)
  • Green Screen: Ultimatte 12
  • Video Broadcasting: TriCaster® 2 Elite / NC2 Studio I/O Module
  • Audio: YAMAHA DM7 / YAMAHA DM3 / DXL1K, etc.
  • Motion Capture:
  • Hardware: Xsens MVN Link (4 sets)
  • Software: MVN Animate Pro / MVN Analyze Pro
  • Hand Capture:
  • MANUS Quantum Metagloves (2 sets)
  • Xsens Glove by MANUS (2 sets)

Other Facilities:

  • Operation Booth
  • MA Room


KS Building B1F, 4-3-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075