Virtual Production


What is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production combines CG and real subjects during filming, effectively streamlining the post-production processes (CG and compositing) that are traditionally necessary after filming by making them real-time. This method significantly increases the efficiency of the production workflow.

In Virtual Production, everything is filmed within the studio, eliminating the need for time and weather-dependent shooting schedules. With 3DCG-created backgrounds, it’s possible to shoot scenes on a scale or in locations that are impossible to achieve in the real world. This reduces the costs associated with location selection and travel and shortens production time by allowing real-time composited footage output.

We have a team of experienced personnel skilled in creating essential 3DCG assets (backgrounds, structures, etc.) and handling operational direction and operations on actual shooting sites (game engine operations, camera tracking system setup, etc.).

Our service supports the realization of VX (Virtual Transformation) in entertainment.

Virtual Production works

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger CG Asset Creation (Tofu Country) / Virtual Production Operation Direction & Operation (日本語:【王様戦隊キングオージャー】CGアセット制作(トウフ国)/バーチャルプロダクション運用ディレクション・オペレーション)

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Advantages of Virtual Production?

A typical method of virtual production involves placing a large LED display in the background and having actors perform in front of the display showing 3DCG backgrounds. This allows actors to see the background that will be used in the final video, making it easier for them to visualize their performance.
This method enables the most realistic lighting possible, significantly reducing the sense of “compositing.”

Another technique involves using a green screen for real-time compositing, where a camera tracking system is used to reproduce the parallax effect of 3DCG in real-time, capturing more realistic 3DCG images.
This method is used when the camera angle extends beyond the LED display range for wide shots.

Both methods allow what was originally a post-production VFX editing process to be nearly completed within the camera during filming, a technique sometimes referred to as “In-Camera VFX.”

Provided Services

We offer the following services related to virtual production:

Virtual Production Operation Support (Unreal Engine, Live Compositing, Characters)

We dispatch personnel for the necessary operation and direction to use the created assets on actual shooting sites. We collaborate with directors to adjust the angles of the 3D backgrounds and lighting for each cut.

  • Chromakey Live Compositing / In-Camera VFX / xR Live Compositing Technical Explanation Video

3DCG Modeling, 3DCG Asset Creation (Characters, Backgrounds, Other Assets)

We create custom-made 3D background assets based on the game engine “Unreal Engine” to match the world of your project. We construct the entire set from concepts like Japanese, Western, medieval, or modern styles, setting up buildings, props, and lighting.
We also handle 3D character modeling and setup. These services can be used for live-action filming as well as completely 3D metaverse projects.
※*Unity-based projects are also supported.

Asset Creation works:

Motion Production (Motion Capture Polish, Hand-Animation)

We create necessary movements (motions) for video production using 3D characters through motion capture. I-Pairs’ motion production, with a wealth of experience in TV programs and character live shows, delivers high-quality motions finished meticulously, down to the fingertips. Motion Production Achievements:

Motion Production work:

Virtual Live Production (Characters, VTubers, Voice Synthesis)

We provide video production and technical support for projection-type live events using 3D character models. We offer comprehensive support, from providing the necessary technology and know-how for virtual live events, creating materials, setting up stage equipment, to operating visuals and audio during the event.

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Virtual Live Production works: