Promotional Video Production


Customized Commercial Video Production Services

Leave the production of PR videos, product/service PVs, and music videos (MV) to us!

Are you in charge of considering video production and facing issues like followings?

  • The cost of CG video production is too high…
  • The video itself is good, but the BGM and narration are not suitable with own brand…
  • The style seems a bit outdated…
  • I want to produce English and Chinese versions as well…
  • I want to create a PV or MV that becomes a hot topic online.
  • If possible, I’d like to employ a famous voice actor.
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Achieved 1 million views in 3 days and 2.5 million views in two weeks!
Our PV video production services can resolve issues like the ones mentioned above!!

PR Video / PV / MV Production

Why not create a PR video, product/service PV, or artist MV for your company?

  • Hiring creators who have a proven track record on platforms like NicoNico
  • Handling everything from traditional to innovative videos
  • Multilingual support
  • No outsourcing but all in house
  • Supporting meticulously to your needs
  • Providing promotion support available to make your content go viral

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Plans by Purpose (Estimate Examples)

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Basic Production Fee (Video Editing & Audio Editing)158,400 yen (incl. tax) ~
Planning & Structure66,000 yen (incl. tax) ~
Live Action Filming66,000 yen (incl. tax) ~
CG & Video Effects44,000 yen (incl. tax) ~
Material Production & Design66,000 yen (incl. tax) ~
Narration Recording39,600 yen (incl. tax) ~
Original BGM & Songs48,000 yen (incl. tax) ~

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Plans by Purpose (Estimate Examples)

Presentation Video Production (202,400 yen)

Breakdown: Basic Production Fee: 158,400 yen + CG & Video Effects: 44,000 yen

  • Engaging presentation video by animating your materials
  • Enhancing presentation by converting PowerPoint into a video
  • Renewing existing presentation materials
  • Creating BGM from our library or free audio sources
  • Using own specific tracks if desired

Corporate PV Production (Reference Price: 356,000 yen)

Breakdown: Basic Production Fee: 158,400 yen + Planning & Structure: 66,000 yen + CG & Video Effects: 44,000 yen + Narration Recording: 39,600 yen + Original BGM & Songs: 48,000 yen

  • Processing the materials provided to create stylish, high-quality videos
  • Creating original BGM
  • Narrators/voice actors selection from our extensive list
  • Filming live-action as optional service
  • Negotiation with famous voice actors if needed
  • Assisting from the planning stage with proposals for PV content
  • Providing meticulous support tailored to needs since all stages of production are done in-house

Full CG PV Production (Reference Price: 576,000 yen)

Breakdown: Basic Production Fee: 158,400 yen + Planning & Structure: 66,000 yen + CG & Video Effects: 132,000 yen + Material Production & Design: 132,000 yen + Narration Recording: 39,600 yen + Original BGM & Songs: 48,000 yen

  • All of Corporate PV Production plus followings:
  • Selecting CG creators with proven experience on NicoNico platform
  • Providing cutting-edge visual expression with abundant CG
  • Supporting for composite material production
  • Supporting for VFX effects

MV Production (Reference Price: 224,400 yen)

Breakdown: Basic Production Fee: 158,400 yen + Live Action Filming: 66,000 yen

  • Best deal through one-stop production
  • Includeing live-action filming fees (one camera)
  • Supporting audio/performance recording (option service)
  • Supporting viral marketing (option service)
  • Combining CG production and motion capture (option service)

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※All prices on this page include tax.